Sunday, May 4, 2008

Matchbox Experiment...

Here it is.... by popular little matchbox experiment...

If i were to ask you how many different items you could fit inside of a matchbox and still be able to open and close it with ease.... how many would you say? 15? 22? 30???
Well, I posed the question one slow Saturday night....and I got 50!



50 Different Items in a Matchbox
1. a stamp
2. pinch of salt
3. a mirror from a disco ball
4. a Hershey’s Kiss flag
5. a toe nail clipping with green polish
6. the word “sex” from a ladies magazine
7. a dead bug (which died from natural causes)
8. 3 red crayon shavings
9. a golden bobby pin
10. a foil ball
11. a Fender guitar pick
12. a match ( just seemed appropriate)
13. a play dough ball
14. a nail (in which to hang a picture)
15. an entire yellow Post-It note with green writing
16. pinch of glitter
17. a penny from the year 1973
18. a bit of marijuana
19. a piece of a piece of pasta
20. a sliver of maple wood
21. a jigsaw puzzle piece
22. ¼ of a Mento
23. a piece of broken light bulb
24. 3 drops of a white taper candle
25. pink thread
26. pinch of cigarette tobacco
27. the word “waffles”
28. a dust bunny
29. an eyelash with waterproof mascara
30. 4 drops of Palmolive aromatherapy dish soap
31. a piece of a hem of a Disneyland t-shirt
32. a candle wick
33. the definition of the word “small”
34. an earring back
35. a contact lens
36. a used red twisty tie
37. a safety pin
38. the beak of a “Peep” candy
39. a blade of grass
40. a “small made in China” clothing tag
41. a fortune cookie fortune
42. a piece of 14 karat gold
43. a feather
44. a small silver chain
45. a crumb from toast
46. a sugar pill
47. a Valentines Candy heart reading “melt my heart”
48. a scrabble letter “T” (worth 1 point)
49. a leaf from a succulent plant
50. a shoelace aglet

Next Saturday when you find yourself without plans
give it a shot! You will be amazed ...matchboxes are deceptively large!