Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Designer Clowns...

Next time you throw a birthday party or special event... consider getting a clown... but not your average everyday clown... call your local clown provider and ask for one of these designer clowns...

Allergic To Cats The Clown (shove a cat in his face and watch him get all itchy and puffy!)

Bloody Nose The Clown (great for a Halloween party!)

Firm Handshake The Clown (he'll greet your guests with a very firm handshake)

Uncomfortably Large Bulge in His Pants The Clown (adult parties only)

Looks Just Like Everyone Else The Clown (your guests will have a fun time trying to find out which person is the clown... "Hey Ma, is THAT the clown?" "No, honey, that's cousin Bobby!" Hilarious!)

Dead Pan The Clown (your guests will have a blast trying to get HIM to laugh!)

Spits When He Talks The Clown (great for a pool party!)

Chain Smoker The Clown (you provide the cigarettes and watch him smoke one right after another!)

Dresses For The Opposite Season The Clown (shorts in the winter, sweater in the summer... this guy is crazy!)

Fly Is Always Down The Clown (you just try telling him ... he'll act like he only speaks french! Joker!!)