Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have a problem with's almost a tick...a habit... i wink when the bus boy takes away my dirty dish, when the man sells me a magazine, whenever someone helps me in anyway... it's kinda my way of saying "thank you".
Yesterday i found the worst possible place and time to wink at a stranger. I was going through security at LAX airport (you may see where this is going) i waited in a long line, i watched the security guy taking ids... he was serious...i mean this guy was thorough... he had a kind of light he would shine on the ids to see if they were fake and he was asking a lot of questions... i began to become nervous because i had lost my California drivers license (which happens all of the time... it's just a matter of wearing that outfit again) so i had brought my old Arizona drivers license which i got when i was 16 and doesn't expire until 2044!... nobody believes it because of the distant expiration and the faded picture that no longer resembles my mature features... i finally get up to the guy and he's not having it..."do you have a passport?" "not on me" "any other form of id?" "uhhhh....nope". He takes this big red stamp and slams it against my boarding pass and asks me to step aside. Finally a bunch of security start striping me down...patting me down and one man grabs my id and boarding pass and goes over to a computer. I ask one of the security "is everything ok?" she tells me i am a code 2 security risk... I say "oh, that's good?" Finally i get my clothes and purse back and the man walks up with my boarding pass and id... he hands it to me and says "please proceed to gate 80".... this is when i say thank you.........and wink at him.